Kara Stewart Fortier, PlayGrounding Podcast

Keep Play Potentially Fatal

It’s easy to point a finger at over-protective parents, but don’t let yourself away with being over-protective of YOU. You’ll be missing all the fun.

It’s so sad, right? Many kids don’t get to run free and play with sticks or climb dangerous jungle gyms anymore. But a lot of study has been done around how important it is for kids to explore and challenge themselves, even when it means they might get hurt.

But as I always wonder, what about us adults? We need play in the same ways that children do – even play that could get a little dangerous. Some adults choose dangerous sporting activities to challenge themselves. We have an awesome sense of accomplishment when we push past a fear and climb that rock face or float down those rapids.

But there’s a whole world beyond sport for those of us who want to challenge ourselves while having a little fun. That’s what this show is about.

The show notes and links I promised: