A Hobby That Became a Lifeline

Chef David Weidman, or “Chef Dave” as he’s known to his admirers, is known for his spectacular mini-cheesecakes and desserts. But his fame among the Burning Man community is due to his generosity, passion and creativity in the dusty kitchen.

On this episode, you’ll hear how cooking became a lifeline when he was a young boy struggling with a learning disability. He also talks about meeting Julia Child, partnering with a rocket scientist to create amazing frozen desserts in the harshest desert conditions, and how giving himself over to what many would have called a hobby led him to deeper friendships, great adventures and a new business.

If you’ve ever been to Burning Man, you might have met Chef Dave or tasted some of his food. He’s cooked for Black Rock Observatory, The French Quarter, Black Rock Bakery, Red Nose District and even the ever elusive Tuna Guys. He even made jasmine cupcakes for a wedding on the open playa this year! (They were amazing.)

You can buy his cheesecakes and other desserts at local Los Angeles area farmers markets or you can find him online at www.f2d4.net. From his website, you can also email him if you’d like to be added to his list for ethnic culinary adventures around Los Angeles.

“We’re the outcasts and the oddballs. We see things a little differently. We give ourselves permission to find something about ourselves to love, something we’re good at and passionate about.  We don’t try to fit in. Then we just do our thing.” – Chef David Weidman “Chef Dave”

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