Jerk Church, Amber Clisura on the PlayGrounding Podcast

Jerk Church: Community, Generosity & Sustainable Jackassery

Amber Clisura is a force of nature. The good kind. And she has some very strong feelings about the vitality of play to share with us in this episode. She believes that how we play can shape our own lives as well as help to open up the possibility of joy and fun in the lives of others.

She’s part of a community dedicated to song and pure play called Jerk Church that began in Oakland, California. They’re irreverent and fun, but they’re also dedicated to giving back. At Jerk Church, doing good deeds is never a drag. Learn more about the Jerks as well as Amber’s personal take on how our attitudes toward play shape our perspectives on career, hard work and what it means to “follow our bliss.” (Believe me, it’s not what you’re expecting.)


Show Notes & Links:

Amber’s creation for my wedding day… 

Amber Clisura - Salt Clothing - Wedding Dress