Reclaim Play Unapologetically with Play Coach Ben Ross

Ben RossScience tells us how important play is for kids – for the development of their minds and ability to adapt. But what about adults? Once we reach the age of adulthood, and often even in the midst of adolescence, play is left behind. Ben Ross (a.k.a. The Flying Raccoon) passionately believes that this can’t be right. His mission is to reintegrate Play into the lives of all adults to “grow their ability to let go; to gain a calmer outlook and become more able to respond positively to the events that life throws at us.”

In this episode, Ben shares about steps we adults can take to reclaim play unapologetically. He talks about how we can start reintroducing play into our day-to-day experiences and begin to recognize and expand on the types of play we’re most drawn to. We explore the connection between play and mindfulness, as well as how we can only be really good at the work we do when we learn to play.

Show Notes/Links

Today’s Guest – Ben Ross

Ben’s Inspirational Trip to Big Sur

Some Organizations to Help You Rediscover Play

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