Unsupervised Shop Class for the Rest of Your Life

He hasn’t been on vacation in years, but if he did, he’d miss what he does every day too much. There’s still so much to create.

Bruce Gray is a prolific artist whose work has been exhibited worldwide, has appeared in over 45 books and countless times on television, in movies, and in the press. And yes, that was his magnetic sculpture you saw in Doctor Evil’s lair from the movie, Austin Powers (One of my personal favorites). Being in his shop is like a trip down the rabbit hole with giant robots, metal paper planes, alligator tables and giant pieces of cheese. And that’s just the start.

Before he took the plunge and became the artist he is today, Bruce had some fascinating adventures such as a stint in the military serving in the isolated, hauntingly beautiful Aleutian Islands. Each step he took brought him closer to realizing that his true calling was to become that kid in shop class who gets to dream big, take chances and build amazing things with his hands.

Bruce works in a wide range of styles and mediums which include abstract painting, functional art, giant objects, abstract and figurative sculptures, found object assemblages, and various forms of kinetic art including mobiles, rolling ball machines, suspended magnet sculptures, and more. Hear his story and how he’s managed to create a life of play – every day.

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