Chris Kim, Faces and Aces Las Vegas Podcast, on Playgrounding

Play or Work? Rediscovering Joy in our Passion Projects

Have you ever started a passion project only to find it suddenly feels like work? And not the fulfilling kind of work either – just plain, to-do list work. It’s not easy to rediscover the spark that led you to start your project, but one way to achieve that is to revisit the reasons we got started in the first place. Maybe you’ve changed and grown? If the project hasn’t grown with you, maybe it’s not the right project for you anymore? Or maybe our discomfort with it is a growing pain – maybe it’s time to start thinking about how your project can change and grow as you do.

In this episode you’ll meet Chris Kim, the podcaster responsible for the awesome storytelling show about the great city of Las Vegas called Faces and Aces. Their show is “our love letter to the city and the people who work in it.” I was just recently interviewed for his show which sparked a larger conversation offline about this very topic – so I asked him if we could share that conversation on here on the PlayGrounding Podcast.

Chris and I are both coming back from a bit of a hiatus from our shows – for me it’s been a month and for him, he’s been away from podcasting for about six months. We’ve both come back to our podcasts after some deep soul searching and decided to move forward – we’ve found motivation to keep our projects fresh and fun. And while this particular conversation is about podcasting, it can apply to any project you started out of pure passion, curiosity and fun that has begun to feel like a little too much. Don’t give up quite yet. Start asking yourself the right questions so that whether you decide to lay it down or not, you know you’re doing it because it’s what you really, really want.