Playing to Win at Any Age

Some people train for a sport from the time they’re very young and become elite. Some people don’t even begin to get active until much later in life but become high level competitors. This week’s guest is here to remind us to never underestimate what we can accomplish regardless of age, even those of us who’ve spent most of our lives as couch potatoes.

Our guest this week is Fitness Trainer and Coach Robin Legat, host of the Seasoned Athlete podcast. It’s your home for stories, inspiration, motivation, training tips and more directly from elite athletes from a wide variety of sports who all share one common bond: they are all over 40 years old. We’re here to prove one story at a time that age does NOT have to prevent you from achieving bold athletic and fitness goals, and living your best life.

Robin herself is a “late in life athlete”. After spending most of her life as a self-proclaimed music and theater nerd, Robin discovered the full-contact sport of roller derby at age 28. She played for eleven years before retiring in 2014. She has now found a new sport to channel her athletic energy – obstacle course racing. She has run nine Spartan Races since her first race in December 2015, earned her first Trifecta in 2016 and has recently begun competing at the elite level. Robin’s goal is to podium in the Masters Division in the coming years – sooner if she has any say in the situation.

As a trainer, Robin unlocks the full athletic potential for busy professionals in Los Angeles and beyond who want to push their physical and mental limits and live their healthiest and most awesome life. And she has a lot to say on the subject of play.

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  1. Pat Rumbaugh

    Robin sounds like a top notch trainer. Aiming to make working out fun & playful is the best way to reach your personal goals & to enjoy yourself. I would be honored to be considered for Robin’s everyday story. I play everyday, because I believe 110% in play. Fantastic podcast Kara!

    • Kara

      I’ll let Robin know! Thank you, Pat! Hope you’re doing well. <3

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