Kara Fortier of the PlayGrounding Podcast

Six Steps Toward Building Your Play Practice

In this episode, I (Kara Fortier, you know, the host) will talk about how I finally became an adult who plays. A playful mindset came so easily to us as children, but we adults build up lots of roadblocks keeping us from it. Incorporating play has been a process. It wasn’t as easy as just deciding to “do” play. I’ve spent some time reflecting on the stages I went through that finally got me here.

I can now say that not only do I understand how important play is, I’m experiencing the power of play firsthand. It’s already started changing the way I think and approach big life decisions. For instance, the recent career decision I’ve made about the future of PlayGrounding. These six steps are the stages I observed in myself and have helped me put context around what I’m learning from the PlayGrounding interviews so far. I hope you enjoy this episode and rest assured – we’re going back to interviews next week and most importantly… disaster has been averted. PlayGrouding is back and sticking around for a long, long time.

Kara Fortier on PlayGrounding

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