Stacey Newman Weldon Interview on PlayGrounding Podcast

Everyday Adventures: Learning to Love the Unknown

When I’m burned out, the last word I want to hear is adventure.

I use that word for complicated vacations and for outings I'm not sure I really want to go on, but can't really avoid. "I guess it'll be an adventure!" It doesn't have the best connotation in my mind. 

But I met Stacey Newman Weldon of Adventure Wednesdays at a conference almost two years ago and my opinion of that word is changed forever.

Stacey taught me that adventures don’t have to be over-complicated vacations. Adventures can start small, stimulate our creativity, keep our minds sharp and our hearts full.

I hope you enjoy our conversation! Here's the link to receive Stacey's free download, 10 Tips for Developing an Adventure Attitude.  

The Real Right Now

On this week's Real Right Now, we discuss the second step of Meditation with RAIN. After we recognize our emotions in step one (R), it's time to accept them (A). It's not time to fight them, try to change them or make sense out of them - just accept that they are. That's it.

Lucky for me, a great article came out last week on Psychology Today that makes the case for me called Your Emotions Don't Care About You by Dr. Hal Shorey. You'll hear an exerpt from the article on this week's episode, but I hope you read the rest of the article too. It's pretty amazing.

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