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Play is something most therapists recommend, but it’s not very often you get to play IN therapy. That’s what you get when you work with Jamie Lynn McCoppin.

Jamie is a registered drama therapist, life skills coach, and Founder of Spark of Play. She has been using playful techniques for stress relief for the past 20 years in her work as an educator, playwright, actress, magician, clown and psychotherapist.

The mission of her company, Spark of Play, is to help grownups and professionals find relief, build confidence, and reignite their spark through play and creative self-expression. You can engage with Spark of Play via individual coaching sessions, workshops and wellness programs.

Work With Jamie

In addition to private coaching, Jamie holds play therapy workshops for adults and children as well as corporate programs to help prevent workplace burnout. Four times a year, she runs a six-week workshop for adults to help build confidence called Playing It Real.  You can sign up through Eventbrite and participate virtually in her summer session starting May 13, 2020. This one sounds especially exciting for anyone who feels stuck and wants to reimagine the role you play in your life. 

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“Play is the portal to our pleasure and ultimately our power.” 

-Jamie Lynn McCoppin

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  1. Stacey Newman Weldon

    Play as a way to see situations differently – I totally love this concept!



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