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This week, you’ll be hearing from Mary Catanzaro, Founder of POGO Events in New York City. She left her career in the corporate world to bring people together for scavenger hunts and game nights throughout the city. But now, instead of in-person events, she’s taken the fun online. From the comfort of your own home, you can enjoy LIVE Events scheduled on specific days and VIRTUAL Events that happen whenever works best for you.

In this interview, you’ll hear how she built her business like a family and is dedicated to keeping it running through this tough time so that anyone, anywhere, can have access to connection and fun.

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And here are the strategic and colorful board games Mary mentions in our interview:

 ABC – Always Be Curious

You’ll also hear from Stacey Newman Weldon of Adventure Wednesdays. She’ll be sharing tip #2 for how to develop your adventure mindset – ABC, Always Be Curious! 

“Ask yourself, is this something you really enjoy, or are you doing it because someone else likes it?”

-Stacey Newman Weldon
Founder of Adventure Wednesdays

“The thing that brings me joy is giving joy to other people.

-Mary Catanzaro
Founder of POGO Events

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