Who Gives You Permission to Play?

Andrew Walsh Huddersfield Uni 1According to Andrew’s daughter, he is “a librarian who teaches grown-ups how to play”, which is far more important than any “real” job description. That said, he is also a National Teaching Fellow in the UK, working part-time in a university library, as well as working part-time for himself training, speaking, and writing about play in adults. He is founding editor of the Journal of Play in Adulthood and is a core member of the Playful Learning Association.

He’s currently pondering whether to set up an Institute of Adult Play to act as both a network to pull together adult play practitioners and a platform for us to offer online training.

PlayGrounding would be so on board for that great idea. 

In this conversation, we discuss how adults can cross over from embarrassment about play to actually playing with abandon. It CAN be done! Also, if you’re a fan of fairy stories, you enjoy hearing about the project he kept himself busy with during lockdown, a new compilation called Forgotten Lancashire Folk and Fairy Tales

You’ll also hear from Stacey Newman Weldon, whose work is also dedicated to teaching adults to discover their playful, adventure mindset. She’ll share two more tips from her Finding Fun Playbook, start small and the “I Wonder Game”, a great tool for helping bring you back to the present moment.




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