You’re Not Broken: Overcoming Play Deprivation

Gary Ware is concerned about your plan to work an all-nighter to finish that project. You might want to listen to his advice, because he’s been where you are. Gary is the founder of Breakthrough Play, where he helps teams be more creative, confident, and collaborative using play. He has over half a decade of experience with improvisation, and over 14 years in the field of Digital Marketing.

I first encountered Gary as the featured speaker for the Creative Mornings newsletter. His talk hit home, and I think it’ll hit home for you as well if you’ve ever said to yourself, “I’ll play when I get all of my work done.” That may have worked when we were kids, but for us adults, the work is never done. And if we never play, we suffer. That suffering is called play deprivation – and Gary Ware is a great guide to help us understand it as well as overcome it.

Meet Gary Ware

Gary is a corporate facilitator, keynote speaker, aspiring coach, and self proclaimed Creative Catalyst. Gary has over 14 years of experience in the corporate word holding various leadership positions. Being a multifaceted individual Gary also comes with nearly a decade of experience as a performer in improv theatre. After experiencing burnout in his pursuit for success and happiness, he realized that what was missing was play. Committing to a life of play is what led Gary to discover his passion for facilitating. Gary uses the power of applied improvisation and other playful methods to assist people in unlocking creativity, confidence, and better communication. When Gary isn’t leading workshops or speaking, you can find him learning magic or off an adventure with his wife Courtney and son Garrett.

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“Our to-do lists multiply at night like gremlins. If your belief is that you will play when the work is done, you will never play, and as a result, you will never get the benefits.”

-Gary Ware


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