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Kay Ross believes that life is an improvisation game and a playground of possibilities. She is an improv performer and an Applied Improvisation trainer; a bodyworker/healer; the Head Tour Guide in The Playground of Possibilities (that’s her project about guiding people to choose more joyful, resourceful thoughts, beliefs and stories about themselves and the world, and take inspired action). She’s also an editor, a copywriter and a trainer about marketing. The common thread in all of that is storytelling. Kay is Australian and has been living adventurously in Hong Kong for 27 years.

I met Kay through the Global Play Brigade. As we emailed back and forth to work out our time zone challenges so we could set a time to meet, she sent me videos of her talks. Not only did I find them inspiring because they encouraged play, they made me laugh and challenged my ideas of what’s possible when it comes to the speaking world. And that’s what Kay does best. She helps people look beyond the limitations and low expectations we’ve come to accept.

When she’s not inspiring people by just being herself, she’s created a deck of cards that we can use to discover what’s possible called The Playground of Possibilities. Her cards don’t tell the future, they encourage us to dream and dare to create a better future for ourselves.


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