Say Yes to Yourself w/International Improv Innovator, Charly Ford

This week you’re going to meet Charlette “Charly” Ford, a seasoned entertainer, executive producer and curator of the You’s A Fool Improv and Variety Show in Atlanta, GA. She’s one of the most playful people I’ve ever met! When Charly’s around, it’s nearly impossible not to smile. She’s not the type to tiptoe around, and she teaches people of all ages to step into their confidence and learn to trust themselves.

Meet Charly Ford

Charly is an Improv Acting Coach and bold event host, she brings charisma, comedy, and culture to her students and audiences alike.

A graduate of The Cleveland School of the Arts, Charly has written successful stage plays, authored a book of inspiration and has been a featured journalist for national broadcasts media. Since moving to Atlanta ten years ago she has had the opportunity to write, cast, direct, and act in several Indie films. For the past few years she has been a recurring host and moderator for the Atlanta 48 Hr Film Project. Charly Ford provides high quality synergy encompassing, exciting entertainment, positive energy, and insightful information.

She is currently training with Theatre on the Prowl and The All Stars Talent Show, strengthening her Improvisational acting and receiving creativity coaching from Lesly Fredman. She is also partnering and playing with multiple organizations such as The Global Play Brigade, K.E.E.P. Incorporated (Kids Entertainment Education Program), and The East Side Institute. These organizations are committed to communities of children and adults providing improvisational acting, performance through play, as well as emotional, cultural, and social support utilizing therapeutic methods worldwide. Charly is very committed and active in her contributions to the missions of these organizations, as she implements her gifts and talents as an instructor, playmate, host, and a supportive team member.



Listen Now!

Charly teaches an improv game you can play at home!

“Even if you feel like no one’s rooting for you, you’re rooting for you. I always try to instill those affirmations in our warmup because I want you to see how great you are, how powerful you can be if you believe them and tell them to yourself. ”

-Charly Ford


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