Playful Humans: Rethinking Social Media

This week’s episode is a powerful conversation with international speaker and writer Mike Montague. We tackle one of the most difficult issues facing us humans these days – what to do about social media. We talk about our response to the Netflix documentary, The Social Dilemma, which leads us to a deeper discussion about how we need to rethink what it means to have community and how we can curate, not our feeds, but what we choose to focus our minds on to live a more healthy, playful life. Mike was inspired to create an online community, one you’re invited to join, called Playful Humans Clubhouse.

Meet Mike Montague

Mike is an international speaker and writer in the areas of sales, personal development, social selling, and delivering engaging virtual presentations. As Global Head of Content at Sandler Training, he oversees the creation and production of their training content, online courses, and thought-leadership. He hosts live and virtual events for Sandler, as well as the popular How to Succeed podcast with over two million downloads. He is also co-author of LinkedIn the Sandler Way and Sandler’s go-to expert on social media and virtual selling.

His humorous, real-world approach to difficult topics and authentic stage presence empowers professionals to greatly improve their life and business. Mike is an award-winning speaker, entertaining over 2,000 audiences live and virtually. He has performed as an educator, keynote speaker, radio on-air personality, karaoke host, game show host, and DJ, where he opened for Billy Idol and Frankie Valli in Kansas City. He has been trusted to educate and entertain audiences at Google, Thermo Fisher, Kansas City Chiefs, Qualcomm, Sprint, Eli Lilly, and many more.

He is also an accomplished writer and has been published by LinkedIn, Hubspot, and other popular blogs and magazines. He has previously worked as the Promotions & Website Coordinator for Cumulus Media and the Chiefs Radio Network, and Internet Marketing Director at Ad Trends Advertising.

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“It was really important for me to find a way to actually be social with people and connect with real humans, not just like their posts, but start a conversation – actually connecting, not just flying past each other in cyberspace.”

-Mike Montague


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