Justin Fortier (Cupcake) on the PlayGrounding Podcast

Married to a Joker: How My Husband Turns Heartache into Random Acts of Joy

This episode is posted a day late. Yes, I’m busted. The reason is that it was SO HARD to interview this particular person, let alone edit it. He’s a handful. He’s my husband. He’s the reason this podcast exists and the person who came up with its name. His name is Cupcake. Yes, Cupcake. Hear how the heartache of his youth became fuel for a life of generosity, empathy and love for anyone who crosses his path. He identifies best with Stuart Brown’s “joker” play personality, so it makes sense that he’s the life of the party. But he’s also an amazing “camp counselor” for those of us who call him friend.  He re-introduced this podcaster to a life of fun and hilarity & I’ve been looking forward to introducing him to you. Have fun!

Show Notes:

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