PlayGrounding is about the power of play and what it means to live a play-inspired life. Not just the “blow off some steam” kind of play, but the kind that can sharpen your mind, make you more creative and help you move from discontent toward fulfillment.

I began thinking about play when I stumbled upon an amazing community of people who just happen to be very serious about their fun. As I got to know them, I started giving myself permission to play. It started transforming my outlook on life. It made me more creative and more willing to try new things, even to fail.

There’s real science behind it. Play has given us an evolutionary advantage over other species. It helps shape our adult brains the same way it does for children. It increases our creativity, sharpens our instincts and deepens our relationships.

And after hearing what many of my guests have to say on the PlayGrounding Podcast, you may never look at your career path the same way again.

~Kara Stewart Fortier