Play at Any Age on PlayGrounding.comPlayGrounding is about letting out the breath we’ve been holding for so long.

It’s dangerous to live in constant stress and anxiety like so many of us do. Chronic stress and burnout leave us handicapped. We lose our creative edge, our relationships suffer, we find destructive ways to self-medicate, need I go on?

Productivity tips alone won’t help us achieve our desired work/life balance, but rediscovering play can be a challenge too. Articles about strife and division are pushed to the top of our social feeds. Co-workers seem more indispensable than we are because they stay until 7:00 am and send out a work emails at 1:00 am. Even our “free time” often feels like anything but free.

But the stakes are high. Not the ladder-climbing/end of the world stakes. Your effectiveness as a human being suffers when you don’t play. So if you want to be great at work and maybe save the world too, it’s a really good idea to let go and play.

Research shows that play at any age reshapes our brains. The most playful animals throughout time have had the evolutionary advantage. It’s science. When our mindsets go from earnest to playful, we start using our imaginations to dream up the best outcomes instead of just preparing for the worst. We get more innovative and creative. We learn to greet the unexpected with a “hello!” instead of “oh no.”

If that sounds interesting to you, you’re in the right place. At PlayGrounding, you’ll find inspiring stories of people who play, for fun, for work or both. You’ll hear about the science behind play and how finding a community to play with can change your adult life forever.