Think Pretty Thoughts?

When life is really hard, a lot of self-help posts seem kind of rediculous. Everyone knows that thinking positive thoughts will make us happier.

But where's the switch we can flip to make our thoughts happy instead of critical or defeated?

Unfortunately, there's no such switch.

But taking control of our thoughts and learning to love ourselves is possible, no matter how low you might feel right now.

It's not exactly easy, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun. In fact, learning to have fun is one of the most important things you can do to start showing yourself some true love.

Life Beyond the Quick Fix


It's dangerous to live our lives in constant fear and dread.  We've all read the articles. But if your weighted blanket or your special tea aren't getting to the bottom of things, maybe it's time to step beyond the world of innovative systems, diets and "six easy steps."

Get thee to a therapist - if you can. Some health insurance companies cover different types of group care at a lower cost. I can't recommend professional help enough. But a lot of people don't have access to mental health care at all. Don't just assume you know what's available. Ask your general practitioner. Call your insurance company and ask. When I started pushing, I got a lot more than I thought was available.

If you don't have a therapist, don't give up. A lot of what I learned, I discovered on my own. I wanted more from life and I refused to settle. And I learned that play, rediscovering a childlike view of life, is vitally important. And that's what PlayGrounding is about.

Let's ask all of the questions. Let's expect the unexpected. Let's go on adventures. Let's use our imaginations to dream up exciting possibilities instead of practicing for the end of the world. (Even if, sometimes, it feels like it really is coming.)


It's Time for Recess

First we get to learn to love ourselves. And no matter how you feel right now, please know that it's possible. It really is. We're not at the mercy of those critical, sometimes cruel voices in our heads.

The craziest part, and I know it's the hardest of all to believe, is that we really do get to enjoy life and have fun.

That's right. I'm talking to you.

I know you write your own detention slips most of the time. But it's time to put your pencil down and run out onto the playground. There's a beautiful present moment happening right now, and you don't have to be an acroyoga Instagram star to enjoy it.