Apr 8, 2021

Playful Humans: Rethinking Social Media

Community, Podcast

This week's episode is a powerful conversation with international speaker and writer Mike Montague. We tackle one of the most difficult issues facing us humans these days – what to do about social media. We talk about our response to the Netflix documentary, The...

Aug 14, 2020
Pat Rumbaugh - Episode Art

How to Plan a Play Day in Your Community

Community, Podcast

Pat Rumbaugh, founder of Let’s Play America, returns for another conversation on PlayGrouding! Affectionately known as “The Play Lady,” Pat is well-known in her home of Takoma Park, Maryland, for organizing play days for people of all ages. Since we can’t meet...

Jul 16, 2020
Scott Froschauer Art

Dream the Culture Forward

Community, Podcast

Scott Froschauer is an artist known by many for his public art installations of street signs. They look just like the street signs you pass by every day, but the messages they convey are not what you’d ever expect to see. This episode continues the conversation...

Jul 9, 2020
The Global Play Brigade

The Global Play Brigade

Community, Improv, Podcast

The Global Play Brigade is here to help. If you need to smile, to work through tough emotions, or to make some new friends, they've got you. But more importantly, the Global Play Brigade is here to help us find better ways to make tough decisions and dream up new...

May 29, 2020
Game Online

Game On…line!

Community, Podcast, Relationships

This week, you’ll be hearing from Mary Catanzaro, Founder of POGO Events in New York City. She left her career in the corporate world to bring people together for scavenger hunts and game nights throughout the city. But now, instead of in-person events, she’s taken...

Feb 15, 2017
Tony Perone

Performing Your World

Community, Podcast

Kids love to play make-believe. When we talk about bringing back play as adults, this one seems like a stretch. Adults don’t play make believe, do we? Grownups don’t get together and announce that today we’re going to play Star Wars and you get to be Luke. Or do...

Jul 21, 2016

Keep Play Potentially Fatal

Community, Podcast

It’s easy to point a finger at over-protective parents, but don’t let yourself away with being over-protective of YOU. You’ll be missing all the fun. It’s so sad, right? Many kids don’t get to run free and play with sticks or climb dangerous jungle gyms...

Jul 8, 2016
Burning Man

Playgrounds for Grownups

Community, How to Reclaim Play, Podcast

When we were kids, everyone thought it was important for us to play. They even set up this weird thing called “recess” where we could encounter the awesome world of the playground. They knew it was good for us then, but what about now? As adults, no one seems to...

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