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Jul 25, 2017

Playing to Win at Any Age

Health & Fitness, Podcast, Relationships

Some people train for a sport from the time they’re very young and become elite. Some people don’t even begin to get active until much later in life but become high level competitors. This week’s guest is here to remind us to never underestimate what we can...

Jun 10, 2017
Can Fitness Really Be Fun_

Can Fitness Really Be Fun?

Health & Fitness, Podcast

Rethinking Playground Play for Grownups Fitness fun? For most of my life, I would have answered NO WAY to that question. It’s the one challenge I’ve had to my belief that whatever is true about play for children is also true for adults. Children play very...

May 10, 2016
Martin Mapoma

Primal Play – Making Fitness Fun

Health & Fitness, Podcast

Play transforms lives, and this week’s guest, Martin Mapoma, believes one way to get the most out of play is by transforming our bodies. Martin is a fitness and nutrition expert who runs a youth strength and conditioning program called Primal Play. I got to talk to...

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