May 29, 2020
Game Online

Game On…line!

Community, Podcast, Relationships

This week, you’ll be hearing from Mary Catanzaro, Founder of POGO Events in New York City. She left her career in the corporate world to bring people together for scavenger hunts and game nights throughout the city. But now, instead of in-person events, she’s taken...

Jan 21, 2020
making new friends

Making New Friends in the 21st Century

Essays, Relationships

Making new friends can seem scary as we get older. But life's no fun without friends. You can maximize your productivity down to the second, eat all of the superfoods, run marathons and get promoted, but if you don’t have any real friends? What's the point?...

Jul 25, 2017

Playing to Win at Any Age

Health & Fitness, Podcast, Relationships

Some people train for a sport from the time they’re very young and become elite. Some people don’t even begin to get active until much later in life but become high level competitors. This week’s guest is here to remind us to never underestimate what we can...

Dec 14, 2016

The Empathy Toy

Career, Podcast, Relationships

Ilana Ben-Ari’s startup, Twenty One Toys, is part of a revolution. A toy revolution. On their website they ask: “Our revolution demands answers: Where are creativity, play, teamwork and empathy in our classrooms, our boardrooms or the public square? More...

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