Reverse Lent: For Spiritual Trauma Recovery

I’ve decided to observe Lent again after a long time away from church. But I’m doing it in reverse. Lent was started a long, long time ago by Catholics to imitate Jesus’ forty-day fast in the wilderness. It’s often compared to Ramadan or Yom Kippur, but it’s pretty rare for people to actually fast for Lent anymore. Usually, we fast …


If we don’t cut ourselves some slack, we’re setting ourselves up to “snap” one day. It’s time to convince yourself that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Stacey Newman Weldon Interview on PlayGrounding Podcast

Everyday Adventures: Learning to Love the Unknown

When I’m burned out, the last word I want to hear is adventure. But thanks to Stacey Newman Weldon of Adventure Wednesdays, I learned that adventures don’t have to be over-complicated vacations. Adventures can start small, stimulate our creativity, keep our minds sharp and our hearts full.

Surprised By Joy – Episode 42

In a mental health crisis, play is a vitally important part of our healing process. So why can it be so hard to give ourselves permission actually do it? Join Kara for an exploration of the things that get in the way of play and our pursuit of joy.

Play for Adults - PlayGrounding

What Happened to Our Toys?

A simplistic theory of the midlife crisis. The midlife crisis. It’s a cliche. It’s about aging, fear of death, existential dread, regret. It’s a reliable way to make light of something we all feel just beneath the surface as we reach that “certain age,” which is different for everyone. I have a theory. I’m not a scientist or a mental …


Play: Light and Breezy or Real and Helpful?

Everything feels different now. I wake up in the morning without dread. I have energy. I go for walks and exercise. I find it fun. Super weird. My jaw isn’t clenched so my teeth don’t hurt. I don’t feel like I’m choking anymore – that nearly constant sensation in my throat that felt like swallowing a handful of rocks. It’s …

Kara Fortier of the PlayGrounding Podcast

Six Steps Toward Building Your Play Practice

In this episode, I (Kara Fortier, you know, the host) will talk about how I finally became an adult who plays. A playful mindset came so easily to us as children, but we adults build up lots of roadblocks keeping us from it. Incorporating play has been a process. It wasn’t as easy as just deciding to “do” play. I’ve …