Meg Athavale (a.k.a. Meg Rabbit) on the PlayGrounding Podcast

Child’s Play and Grown-Up Decisions

Let the memories of how you played as a child become a guide for the decisions you make as an adult. What made you excited to get out of bed when you were a little kid? Staying true to the vision of what inspired us as children can help us get perspective on the pressures we place on ourselves in the never ending quest for stability and prosperity. Hear from tech entrepreneur and artist Meg Athavale (a.k.a. Meg Rabbit) as she shares her story and advice about how letting yourself play can lead to to a life of fulfillment and adventure.

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How a young entrepreneur found her way personally and professionally by making play a priority
  • The importance of community in finding play and fulfillment
  • How she made an awesome interactive toy that helps kids use their imaginations and learn
  • Play and our relationship with TV
  • The Rat Park study – How liberating ourselves from the grind can lead us out of addiction – Check out Stuart McMillen’s Story of Rat Park.

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