The very idea that play is important is a hard sell - especially for stressed-out grownups with responsibilities and long to-do lists. But if we don’t cut ourselves some slack, we’re setting ourselves up to “snap.”

In this week's episode, you'll hear how people, animals and even bike chains need a little “play" so they can perform at their best.

You’ll also hear from a woman who found her off-line play community online through Reddit.

Then we'll close out the Real Right Now series on Meditation with R.A.I.N. with an investigation into "Automatic Negative Thoughts” or ANTs, and how you can learn to nurture yourself and become your own best friend.


There’s this different commonality that binds you together, and it’s one you’ve chosen. Family is blood and you’re put together. Co-workers are assembled by your HR team. But when you’re pursuing your interests and your passions... you add this very complex and multi leveled flavor to your life.

- Becca

Real Right Now

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