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  • Kara Stewart Fortier, PlayGrounding Podcast
    Kara Stewart Fortier

    PlayGrounding Showrunner and Host

  • I started this podcast because a life of doing all the things a grownup was supposed to do left me feeling empty. I knew there had to be more to life.

    It never occurred to me that the missing ingredient could be something as simple as play.

    Play is simple, but there’s a lot more to it than you think. It’s about innovation, career, mental health, fitness and so much more. Check out the categories below to get started!

  • play-deprived-childhood
  • play-and-innovation
  • work-play-balance
  • Play and Anxiety, Depression and Addiction
  • Adults Reclaim Play
  • fitness and play

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PlayGrounding is about the power of play and what it means to live a play-inspired life. Not just the “blow off some steam” kind of play, but the kind that can sharpen your mind, make you more creative and help you move from discontentment toward fulfillment.

There’s real science behind it. Play has given us an evolutionary advantage over other species. It helps shape our adult brains the same way it does for children. It increases our creativity and innovation, sharpens our instincts and deepens our relationships.

And after hearing what many of the PlayGrounding Podcast guests have to say, you’ll start to realize that play is as important to our physical and mental health as sleep, exercise and good nutrition.

Adulting doesn’t have to be hard. It’s all about keeping things interesting. It’s not easy to work play back into your life after so many years of seeing it as “kids’ stuff.” But it’s not impossible. Join me in my quest for fun and sanity. Become a part of the PlayGrounding community!