Kara Stewart Fortier PlayGrounding Podcast

Episode First! Hello You.

On this very first episode of The PlayGrounding Podcast, I’ll take a moment to introduce myself and tell you why I’m investing so much in the concept of play. You’ll hear:

  • What it’s meant to me, as an adult, to learn how to play again
  • Why it can be hard for us adults to play
  • How stumbling into a playful community changed my life
  • What I want you to get out of this podcast
  • How you can participate and be on the show

Show Notes:

  • TED Radio Hour’s “Press Play” episode: http://www.npr.org/programs/ted-radio-hour/390249044
  • Me and an imaginative friend in my back yard mud swimming pool:

PlayGrounding with Kara Stewart Fortier: My Back Yard Swimming pool