Fun with Disaster Prep (For When Our Planet is Trying to Kill Us)

No one has ever promised us cozy and secure lives, but many choose to live in a state of denial when it comes to the fact that sometimes our planet is trying to kill us.

As of the day this podcast is going live, Hurricane Matthew is pounding Florida. Just a few weeks ago, an earthquake alert was issued for the first time in the State of California. We were told to be ready for a possible earthquake with a magnitude of 7 or greater in the southern part of the state.

kmo-quote-dont-live-in-fearThese things aren’t fun. Why would we talk about them on a podcast about play? No one in their right mind WANTS to think about them, right? Wrong. Meet professional artist Kevin “Kevissimo” Rolly. Kevin thinks about this stuff a lot, but he’s far from a Debbie Downer.

Kevin has been attending Burning Man since 1996. Early on, he experienced how radical self-reliance could be incredibly empowering and even fun. Facing the unknown, getting educated and being prepared can lead not only to peace of mind but to great adventures and the ability to care for and teach his community.

So for this working artist, emergency preparation has become his side gig. He now teaches earthquake preparedness classes for fun, but I promise they’re not like any class of its kind you’ve ever experienced.

In today’s episode, you’ll get a little taste of Kevin’s class, Earthquake 101: A Humble Guide on How Not to Die.

Here are a few of the things you’ll learn:

  • How terror and staying in denial is understandable, but it doesn’t help us. Preparation helps take the fear of the unknown out of the equation so we can do what we need to do then get on with enjoying our lives.
  • How we need to take care of ourselves, but also to coordinate and be able to take care of one another as well. No person is an island. We’re part of a community, so it’s important to prepare together with our neighbors and co-workers. (Yes, even the ones you’ve never talked to before.)
  • That the “universe” doesn’t give a crap about you. Being unprepared brings everyone in your community down when the chips fall. Don’t be “that guy.” Be prepared for yourself and to help others. The more of us who do that, the better we all fare.
  • Tips for earthquake prep on a tight budget.
  • How three days-worth of food and water isn’t enough. It’s imperative we prepare for at least two weeks without expectations of emergency responders.
  • What to do to make sure you can communicate and get around town without your phone.
  • How to make sure you feed your pets and even your addictions during a stressful disaster.